Premiere : 10-27th November 2020 at Théâtre des Martyrs (Brussels)

Bringing the alexandrine into the body

Drawing inspiration from Phaedra's figure in both Seneca's and Euripides' work, this piece starts from Jean Racine's "Phèdre."

Phaedra is a young woman who wants to fully live her sensuality and desires in a patriarchal and macho society. This play is a succession of liberation attempts, where opposites co-exist. Individuals caught in the web of an authoritarian power try to break their chain one verse at a time. Constant trangression and calls back to order. Life impulses, unrest, brutality against an established order.

I would like to rediscover Phaedra's Mediterranean and blood-driven roots, that usually are forgotten under the Jansenist varnish of Racine's time. This is why I want to bring together words that usually stand apart, and thus allow alexandrine verses and contemporary dance to co-exist on stage. I would like different cultures and different times to come together, to talk, to collide one into the other. It's in this collision that I look for emotion.

Phèdre is the story of angry young people dancing on top of a volcano. The characters of this play cannot repress their fury, a fury far removed from what social norms allow. It's a powerful energy, one looking to erupt from Racine's text. The volcano is about to explode. The eruption should be held back, but it's time to find ways out for the pressure to come out.

Pauline d'Ollone

Crédit photo : Marion Vacca


A text by Jean Racine

Director Pauline d’Ollone

Assistant Director Lorena Spindler

Choreography Karine Ponties

Performers Habib Ben Tanfous, Leila Chaarani, Eric Domeneghetty, Liesbeth Kiebooms, Nelly Latour, Gaëtan Lejeune, Iliass Mjouti, Catherine Salée

Dramaturgy, Set Design & Artistic Advice Pierange Buondelmonte, Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin
Lighting Design Renaud Ceulemans
Costume Design Gaëlle Marras
Music Gabriel Govea Ramos
Stage management Gaël Genette



In coproduction with: Les étrangers, La Servante, Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties, Cie FOR (France), La Coop & Shelter Prod

With the support of the Belgian Ministry of Culture Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service Théâtre, the Belgian Centre of performing Arts, Tax, ING, Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge.

As well as Commission Communautaire Française – Initiation Scolaire et Fonds d’acteur.

In partnership with: Théâtre des Martyrs.

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