Pauline D’OLLONE

Actress, stage director

With a Bachelor in Modern Literature, Pauline d’Ollone is a trained violinist (Conservatory/Paris) and actress (INSAS/Bruxelles).

Working initially as an actress, she also directed shows in Paris with amateurs, drug addicts in rehab (Guy Moquet Hospital), teenagers (Maison du Geste et de l’Image) and in schools in Saint-Denis. From this time, she retains a taste for transmission that remains very dear to her heart, to the point that most of her shows are accompanied by workshops and labs. Her musical training informs her very music- and rhythm-oriented approach to text.

In 2013, along performance Reflets d’un banquet, she founds les Ateliers d’Échange Populaires [Popular Exchange Workshop], through which she directs a theatre training practice aimed at opening the theatre and its creation to wider audiences. In this context, she works with long-time unemployed people through the Centrale Culturelle Bruxelloise (FGTB), Schaerbeek inhabitants during Festival Mimouna, high-school students, local and school associations... The wealth of these interactions with audience members comforts her desire to associate the Ateliers d’Échanges Populaires to her future work.

In the last few years, she has redirected her focus towards playwriting and directing, with Reflets d’un banquet, an original adaptation of Plato's Symposium, performed at Théâtre de la Vie and Théâtre des Martyrs in Brussels, Belgium, as well as at Théâtre de l'Ancre in Charleroi. Nominated at the 2016 Belgian Critics' Awards in the Best Discovery category, this show is still on tour. She then wrote and directed Où suis-je ? Qu’ai-je fait ? in 2018 at Théâtre de la Balsamine in Brussels, and again at Atelier 210 in Brussels in 2019-20, which gained her a nomination at the Belgian Critics' Awards in the Playwriting category.

She directed Ferdinand Von Schirach's Terreur at in May 2019 at Théâtre le Public in Brussels.

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