Born into a Franco-Belgian family in Bangkok, Liesbeth Kiebooms took up dancing in 2005. Moving through modern jazz and ballet, Liesbeth soon progressed into hip hop, participating in battles and on stage. Joining the Conservatoire de Grenoble in 2014, she then discovered contemporary dance.

Her studies in literature, socio-anthropology and performing arts led her to research into how dance, circus and theatre can be used as a means of personal reconstruction and social integration for vulnerable and marginalised people.

In 2018, Liesbeth started a professional training based on interpretation and choreographic creation, 'Formation I.D.', under the direction of Aurélien Kaïro and Karla Pollux.

Bringing her hip hop roots to her training in contemporary dance, Liesbeth has worked with Thô Anothaï (Cie Anothaï), Hamid Ben Mahi (Cie Hors-Série), Marion Alzieu (Cie Ma') and Pauline d’Ollone (Cie Les Étrangers).

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