Theater maker, performer

Petra completed her master’s degree in direction at KALD DAMU in 2009. She explores the various possibilities of actor-spectator relationships, she is searching for a new role for theatre in today’s world, and she is experimenting with physical and documentary theatre and theatrical conventions.

In this way she creates her own theatre projects as well as guest directions. In her original productions she emphasizes team work, devising methods and processuality – perceiving a performance as a unique event. In her last projects, she also worked from personal stories, from stories of people from various contexts and nationalities using varied audiovisual means and video reshoots.

When Petra Tejnorová works with text she aims at loosening the structures of dramatic texts, at non-fabulative compositions such as montages, collages etc. She is also interested in so-called open texts: texts, which are not originally dramatic. She has cooperated with the National Theatre New Stage, Dejvicke Theatre, Archa Theatre, Minor Theatre, Alfa, Ponec, Alfred ve Dvoře, Roxy/Nod and Disk.

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