Shantala PEPE

Dancer, choreographer

Shantala Pèpe is a Brussels based dance artist exploring performing and visual art since 2002, when she graduated a choreographic degree at the National Dance Conservatory of Avignon (France). She is coming from a high level sportive background : she was gold medal in Rythmic Gymnastic at national french competition at 11 years old.

Since then, she is regularly collaborating as a dancer/performer and assistant with renowned choreographers (Nicole Mossoux, Karine Pontiès, Michèle Noiret, Isabella Soupart, Wilkie Branson among others) and musicians (Winton Marsalis and the linciln Jazz Orchestra, Jan Vaclav Vanek, NoNeck Blues Band...) and has explored on stage ice skating and aerial dance beside contemporary dance and improvisation. Shantala has started developing her own work between choreography and film. She created in 2008 the solo Innocence is bliss and has developed her skills in video editing. Since 2008 she has created video productions including documentaries, trailers, and interviews for various artistic, cultural and educational events and organisations. She then appears regularly on screen for various choreographers and directors and created in 2011 the experimental film Emergences followed in 2014 by the short films serie Bench Project.

She also explored acting and directing for cinema with John Flanders, Beatriz Flores Silva and Marjorie Ballentine.

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