Sound designer

David Monceau is composer, author, dancer and musician. He is creator of Olyphant project.

After a DEUG in Visual Arts, a dance program at the CNR in Rennes and the CNDC National Center for Contemporary Dance in Angers, he starts his carreer as a dancer and performer (Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Julie Desprairies, Hermann Diephuis, Pierre Cottreau & Geisha Fontaine, Laura Scozzi, Jean Marc Heim, Christine le Berre, Patrick Le Doaré….).

For performing arts, he has composed nearly 700 titles for various projects around the body, the image and the performance.

For the CCN du Havre-Haute Normandie/Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh (France), Anna Abilikhina (Russia), Evgueny Culagin and the Gogol Theater of Kirill Serebrennikov (Russia), Cie Origami/Gilles Baron (France), KF Association/Rozenn Fournier & Camille Kerdellant (France), Ivan Estegneev (Russia), Ayelen Parolin (Belgium), Yves-Noël Genod (France), Stephano Ricci (Italia), Théâtre des Opérations/Eric Houguet (France), Pénélope Parrau (France), Félicette Chazerand (Belgium), Pierre-François Lebrun (France), Gilles Blanchard (France)…

David Monceau collaborates with various musicians including David Euverte (Dominique A, Miossec, …), Nicolas Courret (Eiffel, Laeticia Sheriff, Olivier Mellano, …), Cédric Chatelain (Nosfell, …) , François Audrain, Alain Phillipe (Sergent Pépère, …), Youen Cadiou, etc… He is co-composer of the project "Henri Mezey" with David Euverte.

Finally he is arranger, mixer or director of music albums.


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